Scott and Kori Schwartz

Life in Messiah

Scott and Kori Schwartz are following God into a new chapter in their lives. They have a burden to reach the Hasidic (ultra-Orthodox) community in Brooklyn.

Raised in a Jewish home in Philadelphia, Scott searched for fulfillment before he was led into a relationship with Yeshua. A conversation a number of years ago led Scott to have spiritual conversations with “rabbis-in-training.” Today, he is following God’s leading to ministry among the Hasidic community. Realizing the need for more preparation, he completed the Jewish Studies Program at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

Kori has always had a passion for Jewish people. Her heart has been broken for the women in the Orthodox community.

“God has called us to serve in Brooklyn along with other Life in Messiah staff,” says Scott. Together with their three children, Scott and Kori now live in Brooklyn and are ministering to the New York Jewish community with the love and truth of Messiah.

Please prayerfully consider standing with them as they follow the Lord into ministry. They need your prayers and they need your financial partnership – God has called them to a challenging ministry field.

If you would like to give to help support the Schwartz family click here: DONATE and under Gift Preferences direct the donation to “Schwartz Ministry”.

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