• Fellowship Night – December 2021

    We had the last Fellowship Friday of the year with our Christmas Fellowship Night. Such a blessing to share with this body. Thanks for all the food you brought! God bless you all!

  • Relationship Refurbish – Conference 2021

    Conference on relationships and marriage. The main relationship we need to fix is ours with the Lord and change our own attitudes instead of trying to change other’s. Colossians 3:12-13 “New Outfit, New Outlook” I. Intro. In chapter 3 verses…

  • 16-July 2021- Fellowship Evening (Video)

    A short video of last Friday’s Fellowship Evening. Thanks to all for coming and help out with the music, cooking and the kitchen. It’s a blessings to fellowship with you all guys!!

  • Appreciation Dinner for Volunteers – 2021

    We had a 1920’s Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Dinner Party at the church in honor of all those that serve so selflessly! (not all are in the video). Thank you to all involved! God bless you!