Meet the Staff

Bill Daly – Senior Pastor

I grew up in the Puget Sound region of western Washington State and attended college at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY where I studied both Psychology and the Philosophy of Science. I have held many different positions in the working world including work in commercial construction, wealth management, starting two small businesses, and a manufacturing operation in the Dominican Republic.

I dedicated my life meaningfully to Christ when I was 13 years of age and I have walked with Him ever since. God called me to ministry during a dramatic episode involving my attempt to commit suicide when I was 21 years old. His call on my life didn’t make a lot of sense back then but over the ensuing years, the Lord slowly began to reveal more and more of His unfolding plan for my life.

I met my would-be-wife Alta (Altagracia) in 2011 and we married in December of 2016. We have no children but I frequently remind her that I will always be her largest child requiring the most supervision.

My wife and I met Pastor Dale Lewis and his late wife Donna in January 2019 during their time in Seattle where Donna was receiving care for a grave illness. A number of months prior to meeting Pastor Dale, I had prayed earnestly that God would send a mentor and upon meeting him, Dale offered to mentor me over the course of the next several months. After Donna’s passing in August 2019, Pastor Dale offered me an unpaid internship at Bitterroot Calvary Chapel here in Hamilton, MT. My wife and I fasted and prayed while seeking direction from the Lord on whether we should move to MT or not. Walking in faith at what we believed the Lord desired for us, we wrapped up our affairs and packed up, making the move where we believed the Lord was leading which turned out to be right here in Big Sky Country.

Due to my manufacturing concerns in the Dominican Republic, and the fact that Alta formerly lived there, I’ve spent a great deal of time there over the years, usually staying for months at a time; a place and a people I’ve come to love very much. Since 2018, Alta and I have visited the Dominican Republic in a Missionary capacity, delivering bibles, supporting women at the women’s prison in Santiago, teaching, and assisting local indigenous pastors and their congregations.

Alta and I have now translated many of Pastor Dale’s sermons, bible studies, commentaries, and discipleship resources into Spanish and have made them available for Spanish-speaking believers locally and abroad through this website. We thank the Lord that he’s allowed us to watch that part of the ministry here at BVCC grow. May the Lord glorify Himself through the work that He has called us to participate in.

Nicole Mendonca – Office Manager

I grew up in the central valley of California.  I gave my life to Jesus at age five, and since my dad is a pastor I grew up in and around ministry.  I served and helped in Sunday school as an early age.

After graduating from high school I attended Calvary Chapel Bible College from 2001-2003 in Murrieta, CA. I moved to the Bitterroot Valley with my husband Dan in 2006.  I have been the Office Manager at Bitterroot Valley Calvary Chapel since 2007 and the bookkeeper since 2012. Currently, I serve in the nursery.

My greatest joys are my husband and three kids, photography and using the creativity God has gifted to me. My heart for the people of the Bitterroot Valley is for them to know the love of Jesus.

Pastor Dale Lewis – Retired

Though I was born in California and raised mostly in the Central Valley I’m Montanan by choice.  Raised without a father before my 5th birthday I grew up in an abusive home.  I’ve lived on my own before I graduated from high school. 

I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart, Donna in 1979 shortly after she graduated from high school.  Almost simultaneous to the beginning of our marriage I became an apprentice goldsmith.  I continued to earn a living as a goldsmith from then on until I left that profession for full-time ministry.

We remained in Calvary Chapel in Monterey Bay for 7 years where I was discipled, served and received verse by verse teaching. I was led into ministry and left for Bible College in San Diego. I have been a senior pastor since 1987 both in Merced, California, at Calvary Chapel Merced for 17 years and in Hamilton, Montana, at Bitterroot Valley Calvary Chapel where I relocated in 2005. 

My beautiful wife of 40 years went home to be with Jesus after a courageous fight with Leukemia. I have recently been blessed by God to remarry to another wonderful woman of God, Denise who shares the same passion for Jesus and service as Donna and I had.

We are truly blessed to be a part of this fellowship! I enjoy being able to spend time with my bride as well as our children and six grandchildren. We also enjoy short term missions serving where ever God sends us. The greatest thing in our life is knowing Him.  At the end of my life I want to be an example of an ordinary man loved by an extraordinary God.