Costa Rica – Guatemala – Mexico (Fall-2021)

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Costa Rica

The team for the first part of the mission is conformed by Pastor Dale Lewis and Denise, Dave Smith, Steve Lippincott and Erick Irias.

For Costa Rica and Guatemala the team will be splitting for better use of resources.

For Costa Rica will be:

  • Team 1: Pastor Dale and Denise with Erick.
  • Team 2: Steve and Dave with Daniber Ramirez (part of the local team in Costa Rica)

Team 1 will be driving 6 hours to get to Tamarindo, Guanacaste and teach a Marriage Conference. After that they will be returning to Heredia to teach another Marriage Conference with Ministerio Sela Calvary Chapel and teaching Sunday Morning Service in the same church.

Team 2 will be traveling to the mountains in Aserrí to teach a 3-day class of Inductive Bible Study with Calvary Chapel Frutos de Amor to a local church.

The teams will meet together in Heredia for the weekend’s activities and then, traveling to Guatemala on Sunday.

Erick will be back in Costa Rica for some ministry work (joining Ministerio Sela in a mission trip and teaching several Bible Studies and IBS sessions) during his time visiting family after the mission in Guatemala.


For Guatemala, the teams will be distributed as follows:

  • Team 1: Pastor Dale and Denise.
  • Team 2: Dave, Steve and Erick.

Team 1 will be teaching to the students in the Bible College in Antigua for 5 days. Denise will be sharing with the women.

Team 2 will be driving 7 hours to get to Carchá. The will be teaching a 2-day conference for pastors and leaders, teaching two mid-week studies and sharing with the community in the area.

Both teams will meet in Antigua for the Sunday Teaching Service and will be flighting home.


The Mission in Chihuahua Mexico is a series of conferences and teachings with the local church Calvary Chapel Puerta del Manzano.

For this second part of the mission Pastor Dale, Denise and Erick will be teaching during all week and sharing with the community.

You can check the calendar in our website for the detailed Itinerary. Visit:

Please keep pray for the churches and missionaries.

Praise the Lord for everything He did in this trip!