Dale Lewis,  Special Services

Pastor Dale Lewis Retirement message Acts 20:17-27

While reading Luke’s record of Paul’s travels in 20:1-10, I couldn’t help but notice three things concerning the reason why it is important to attend Church as well as specifics of the essentials of a church service!  

First: Consistently going to Church will gives you three things:

ï Vs. 1 It will SUSTAIN you in God’s glorious grace, after the world has shouted at you!

ï Vs. 3 It will WARN you when you are about to get on board with something or someone that would destroy you!

ï Vs. 6 It will ENCOURAGE you when the journey you’re on faces tough sailing!

Second: Notice the FIVE ingredients that make up a Church service which will sustain, warn, and encourage you:

-Vs. 7a Time, people, and a place 

-Vs. 7b A time when we gather for the worship of God

-Vs. 7c,11b A time of instruction from the Word of God

-Vs. 11a A time of fellowship with the people of God

-Vs. 9-10 Most importantly the presence of God

In the first part of this passage the emphasis is on the Church and the section before us now, Paul has some things to say to the Pastors about how to lead the Church!