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Testimony from an Inmate in the Rafey Women’s Prison, Dominican Republic


Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

It is a great joy to see and hear the prophetic words of our Lord Jesus Christ being fulfilled, that His Gospel would be preached in every corner of the world. What a joy for us to have brothers and sisters filled with love from a small church, in a country so far away from us who are providing us with the word of God, and coming to visit us, as well as using technological resources to send us Weekly Words and even our brothers and sisters in Christ at BVCC donating the sound system to us here in Prison in fulfillment of the great commission that our lord Jesus Christ commanded us.

In our condition here in Prison, this is more than valuable – it’s necessary. And we have been blessed to receive these things from our Lord because you have all manifested your obedience to God and your love for us in different ways. God used you so greatly to supply the word of God to us with your visits, weekly words, Sunday sermons, and Bibles so we can search for the truth of our Lord and receive true freedom.

You came from so far away at the right moment when we didn’t have any soap or toilet paper… It was as though God sent you to provide for a need that He already knew we needed and that caused us to marvel at the majestic power of our Lord God. We know that God, our creator, is infinite and is sovereign and has control over all things. He knows everything about us and we thank you, our brothers and sisters in Christ. To God be all the glory, praise, and honor!

We meet every day to study the Bible and we meet weekly to listen to the [Weekly Words and Sunday sermons from Pastor Dale that Alta translates and records in audio format for us], and when we return to our cells we continue to read the Bible. It is like a spiritual delicacy, like the most refreshing, satisfying soul-food for us when we read the Bible and we are looking forward to enjoying the fresh, clean water that flows from it like a great river, from pristine mountains to us every day, which is the Living Water of Christ.

We are praying for you that God continues using you and guiding you all. We love you in the love of Christ. We hope to see you soon.

God bless you in the powerful name of Jesus Christ,


Centro Rafey Mujeres

Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic