Snippets | 2 Peter 1:5-7 “Giving all diligence”

This Sunday we take up chapter 1 verses 5-11 in what is the reason the Holy Spirit had Peter sit down to write this letter. In his introduction Peter wrote the objectives of the Christian life; revealing to the reader in verse 3 what the two objects of the Christian life are only after he reminded them what and where their resources were to accomplish the objects of: 

  1. Pertain to LIFE: To know God
  2. And GODLINESS: To be transformed into His likeness

It is here that the bulk of Peter’s letter focuses! The reason for this was that these first century Christians were eager to grow in Christ while that is good it made them susceptible to false teachers who claimed that the Apostles lacked truth that could aide them in their quest for maturity. That is a far cry different then how this letter exhorts believers today. What we realize in Peter’s letter is that our: Divine wealth is not given to us so that as Christians we can waist away the opportunities to grow and mature the gift of life that God has given us! We Christians need to consider the extreme cost that God has given in His Only Begotten Son so that we are now able to accomplish those two objects! Peter says that it is for the reason that God has already supplied everything necessary to know God and be transformed into His likeness that the Christian needs to be “Active and alive” in their faith! Peter’s take on this section reveals this diligence as it is very “business like” as he gives five business attitudes towards our faith:

  1. Method of our faith:
  2. Alertness of our faith:
  3. Promptness of our faith:
  4. Boldness of our faith:
  5. Persistence of our faith:”  

Hey saints I’m excited to share this passage of scripture with you so let’s come with prepared hearts. The church will be gathering here in Hamilton both at 9 AM and 11 AM but you can also watch our service live by going to our website or by going on our Facebook page. You can also watch archived messages on our YouTube channel. And please remember that you can always send and receive prayer needs at Alright saints see you this Sunday!