Snippets | 2 Peter 1:5 “For this reason”

This Sunday we pick up our text in chapter 1 verses 5-11 in what would be the reason Peter sat down to write this letter. New Testament letters are NOT abstract art made up of disjointed lines that have no interaction with each other. The statement of purpose is wonderfully tied to Peter’s introduction. Together the observation of this connection is fundamental not only to the letter but to our Christian faith as a whole. In his introduction Peter wrote the objectives of the Christian life. And in verse 3 he told his readers that there were two objects: Things that…

1. Pertain to LIFE: To know God

2. And GODLINESS: To be transformed into His likeness

It is here that the Christian must pause and appraise their understanding of the Christian faith. There are two errors the Christian church has made to Christians:

1. The first is that by their own efforts they can make themselves Christians and by adding to their life, works, they can add to their own goodness and fitness to be in the presence of God.

2. The second error is that of “extreme passivity” that makes it anti-Christian to exhibit any self-discipline in their Christian life.

I’m excited to share Peter’s words in 2 Peter with you this Sunday, so let’s come with prepared hearts. You can join us this Sunday morning at BVCC located on the corner of 4th street and Franklin in Hamilton 9AM and 11 AM or through Live Streaming by going to our Facebook page and clicking the link or by logging on at We also want to encourage you to set up a link on your own pages so that your friends can join you as well. And please don’t forget, you can also join us in prayer both in sending and receiving prayers by going on So, get your bibles out and get ready to have an encounter with the Living Lord, God Bless you all!