Snippets | 2 Peter 1:1-2 Making your calling and election sure

This Sunday we start a new study in the book of 2 Peter. We have in 2 Peter a letter where those that received it were facing serious problems just like we do today. There are two troubles that Christians have always faced: Troubles from without and troubles from within! It seems to me that often if we handle the troubles from within the troubles from without are far less! It’s no wonder that satan does all he can to increase our troubles from within. If you trace satan’s work from the beginning you will find that he has always attacked faith and trust in God’s Word as we see in in Genesis 3:1 where he craftily engendered the lie, “Has God indeed said…?” Satan has always been committed to spreading doubt of God’s love and truth and has done so by creating a world system that is contrary to it as well as infiltrating God’s Church with agents who will sow seeds of doubt. An ineffective Christian is a great tool in his arsenal and there is no better way to accomplish this then to have people who can be used and counted on to disseminate doubt and no better place from them to do so then the pulpit of God’s Church!
I’m excited to share it with you this Sunday, so let’s come with prepared hearts. So, join us this Sunday morning at 9AM and 11 AM or through Live Streaming by going to our Facebook page and clicking the link or by logging on at We also want to encourage you to set up a link on your own pages so that your friends can join you as well. And please don’t forget, you can also join us in prayer both in sending and receiving prayers by going on So, get your bibles out and get ready to have an encounter with the Living Lord, God Bless you all!