Root Words

Root Words | Philippians 2:1-11 – Joy in spite of people

In Philippians chapter verses 2:1-11, Paul knew what some church workers today do not know: There’s a difference between unity and uniformity. True spiritual unity comes from within; it is a matter of the heart. Uniformity is the result of pressure from without. There can be no joy in the life of the Christian who puts themself above others. The humble person is NOT one who thinks less of himself; he simply does not think of himself at all! The beauty of this passage is that it asks us if we have the mind of Christ. If we do then we need to put it on display towards those that we disagree with as we practice renunciation and humiliation instead of insisting upon exaltation. That is the “mind of Christ” and this mind of Christ will make it impossible for people to rob us of joy because people can’t steal what you have willing given away and no longer have! If you had Lamborghini and you gave it away, and someone comes over and tells you your car was stolen, you can smile and say, “Your mistaken, I gave that car away, it can’t be stolen.” We don’t have to fight with someone when we have willing given our rights away!

This has been pastor Dale blessings!