Snippets | 1 Peter 5:8-14 How to beat the devil

This Sunday we continue looking at Peter’s final words to persecuted Christians in chapter 5:5-14. Peter concludes with three important admonishments on glorifying God during difficult seasons if the believers were to remain, Faithful ! Humble, Heedful, and Hopeful!

He exhorts the church to be “mentally self-controlled, awake and watchful” as we have an enemy (the devil) that is a “roaring lion”! Satan accuses, slanders, lies, is a thief and a murder. Peter’s words offer three practical instructions to secure victory over him.

A. Vs. 8 Respect him:
B. Vs. 8b Recognize him:
C. Vs. 9 Resist him:

Our strategy is total successful because it’s totally dependent upon Jesus!

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