Snippet | 10-11-2020

1 Peter 5:1-4

“Shepherds serving the Shepherd”

This Sunday we continue looking at Peter’s words to persecuted Christians in chapter 5:1-4 and Peter takes the opportunity to address the responsibility of the leadership of the church during such a season. What we learn from Peter’s words in verses 1-4 is that “persecution obligates that pastor’s and church leaders to increase in their responsibilities”. He will use three words to describe their responsibilities: Elders, Shepherd and Overseer and we will look at what those words mean. In 4:17 Peter wrote that such persecution was first coming to the church and as such refinement for their maturity; since that was true for the church it is even more so for the pastor’s and leadership. This is the context of the words Peter now writes as he encourages them to work “faithfully, eagerly as examples”! 

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